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Genuine handmade craftsmanship

Each piece is unique –
from us for you.

Made to measure

Our designer Vroni is a natural talent. Even as a child, she wanted to sew clothes. Today she knows: the best ideas don’t come from talking, but from doing. We are particularly proud of how flexibly the patterns can be adapted to customer requirements. And then there’s our other hobby horse: Pieces that we make individually for companies and the hotel industry. Aprons, blouses, skirts, cloth bags, slippers. We love creating something special together.

Resource conscious...

Don’t throw anything away: even when cutting, we make sure that as few fabric scraps as possible are left. We need a few of them – for small cosmetic bags and casual patchwork styles.


In vibrant colours. With floral print or chequered – we like things bright. And the best thing: we only sew a few pieces from each fabric.


We focus on quality. In dealing with people and resources. That’s why we use fabrics that meet our high standards. Whenever possible from sustainable cultivation and regional production, such as our wool fabrics: we take a lot of time to choose the right fabrics for our creations. Whether cotton, mulberry silk, Tencel, milk protein or hemp fabrics – the quality is key.