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VergissMeinNicht is about people. About appreciation and value creation.

VergissMeinNicht - fashion from special people for special people.

Valuable because unique

From our production – 100 percent genuine handmade

Beautiful and valuable. That is what characterises our pieces.

VergissMeinNicht - I won't forget you & you won't forget me

About us...

VergissMeinNicht is much more than a social co-operative. In the sewing workshop with its own store in the centre of Bruneck, unique, handmade pieces are created that are as special as the people that make them. VergissMeinNicht is the place where young people with disabilities find a place in the working world.

What we do...

It all started with a poncho back in 2015. A lot has happened since then. Dresses, coats, skirts, shirts and other fashionable items of clothing are created in our specialised sewing workshop in Bruneck.

The best fabrics, experience and eagerness to learn, 100 per cent handmade – by us, for you.

Like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
With colourful blossoms both small and large,
for all colors.
That’s how we want to be

Where we are...

We are right in the sweet spot: our sewing workshop and store are located on Graben, in the heart of Bruneck.